Hugo: Train Crash Behind the Scenes

For Martin Scorsese's Hugo, New Deal Studios created a 1:4 scale train and station facade and street to recreate the 1895 Gare Montparnasse train derailment in Paris, and a 1:3 scale ornate Renaissance styled stairway that was set on fire. 

Shutter Island

We designed, built photographed and digitally composited multiple miniature effects and other shots. 

The models included the exterior and interior of the lighthouse, the "Ward-C" asylum exterior and the interior of Ward C basement. Full size rock and cliff walls were also built for additional photography, including shots with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. 

Our Digital team did shot tracking for motion control, digitally generated backgrounds, compositing all miniature effects work as well as creation and enhancement of hurricane damage.


The Dark Knight: Behind The Scenes

New Deal designed, fabricated and photographed a 1:3 scale Lower Wacker Drive where the Batmobile and Garbage truck crashes. The sequence including mechanical and pyrotechical effects. 

We also built and photographed a 1:4 scale Hong Kong high-rise including pyrotechnical effects.


The Good Shepherd

New Deal created a full bombed-out city of Berlin for The Good Shepherd and provided design, pre-viz, fabrication, photography and digital services for these post World War II shots. 

A combination of miniature elements, live action green screen extras, and digital matte paintings were utilized.